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We believe in being as clear and upfront as possible regarding costs, so have published our standard price list. If your requirements are not listed; please get in touch.


Chimney Sweep: lined stoves and normal open fire: £70

This is for the majority of jobs, we will sweep the chimney, undergo a smoke evacuation check and issue you with a certificate with any findings and observations we have and also give you a recommended cleaning interval and record this using the "sweeps app" to enable us to keep track of this recommendation and book repeat appointments.


Chimney Sweep: Unlined Stoves: £75

The same service as above, but includes clearing the soot from a register plate or soot door.


Inglenook Sweep: From £80

This is for a large opening with an open fire, whereby containing the soot is more time consuming and sometimes involves more costly dust proofing methods.


Domestic Biomass Chimney Sweep: £75


CCTV Inspection: £40

This shows up structural issues within the chimney, it can't prove the flue to be gas tight, but will show major issues. The cost is extra as a part of a chimney sweep.


Birds Nest Removal: From £100

We will not remove nests in and between the months of March and August unless the nest is proven to be disused.

We will always CCTV the chimney after removal of a nest.

Pricing works on the cost of a sweep and CCTV, with a charge of £30/half hour for the more difficult nests.


Tar and Creosote Removal: from £200

We will apply a chemical modifier to the chimney to break down tar and creosote, this is done over 2 or more trips, this chemical is not available to the public.


Stove Servicing

Single door stove £42

Double door stove £55

This includes the cost of the rope and adheasive, this cost does not include manufacturer specific rope kits.


Stove Glass Replacement

Fitting is included in the retail price of the glass if fitted the same time as a sweep, if a sweep is not required we charge a call out of £30.

Our supplier have a comprehensive price list for most stoves, please send us a message with the stove type and size in mm to obtain a cost or visit https://www.stoveindustrysupplies.com/high-definition-stove-glass/ to see the prices.


NB: We do expect the retaining clips and or bolts to be free and without the need for drilling etc.


Fire Brick and Internal Part Replacement

Same structure as stove glass replacement,

For baffles and grates see: https://www.stoveindustrysupplies.com/baffles-throat-plates-and-grates/

For firebricks see: https://www.stoveindustrysupplies.com/fire-bricks-and-vermiculite-sheets/



Stove and Fireplace restoration £POA


Cowls and Chimney Pot Replacement £POA


Gutter cleaning (currently unable to clean Gutters due to busy season)

As a guide

  • Bungalow £30
  • Normal house £60
  • Large House £100+


Call out Fee £30

See our terms and conditions.



See our terms and conditions.



Terms and conditions can be found here.




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